Working From (Almost) Anywhere

Virtual Realities and a Fully Distributed Workplace

Long exposure image I captured after a productive day of writing in this former one-room school house.

Fractured Atlas “Fun” Fact

Fractured Atlas office circa 2009

Vintage Office

Iterate & Adjust

Join me for a stroll around our office circa 2017

Why Do We Do It *That* Way?

What does working at Fractured Atlas look and feel like in five years?

Specific City Not Required

Juggling Multiple Organizational Cultures

How might we work to equalize the experience of working at Fractured Atlas, so everyone feels like they work for the same company rather than different experiences depending on their relationship with a physical office space?

Some Staff Are Already There

With So Much to Do, Why Prioritize This?

Think of All the Money We Won’t Save

Younger me, skeptical of Work From Anywhere arrangements.

I Haven’t Always Been a Fan

Experiment, iterate, and be purposeful about the kinds of things you can do in a space. Also, don’t forget to be a human.

Crafting Your Own Experiment

Tools to Try

Fractured Atlas’s Associate Director, People Operations Nicola Carpenter delves into Project Blue Whale, our transition to being a fully distributed organization.

Where Does This Leave Us

Principal & Podcaster