The Ethical Re-Opening Summit

Tuesday, April 27

Tim Cynova
3 min readApr 8, 2021
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As workplaces move to re-open, it’s not just be a matter of “un-flipping” the remote workplace switch from last March.

On Tuesday, April 27, a whole host of amazing and awesome humans are convening in conversation to discuss challenging questions like:

  • How can I maintain a sense of community, connection, and shared purpose as I manage different kinds of organizational cultures: fully onsite, fully remote, and a hybrid approach?
  • How can I employ and invent different organizing frameworks to share more power and equity in my organization’s decision making?
  • COVID-related employment law seems to change daily. What’s legal, and what’s not, when it comes to COVID and these quickly evolving employment laws?
  • How can I intentionally approach reopening my workplace with environmental impacts in mind?
  • What new policies, practices, and procedures should I institute to support everyone who works with us? And,
  • How can I help co-create a future where everyone thrives?

Have you been wondering about any of these things too? Well, you’re in luck!

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Sessions include:

  • A Year in the Life [Opening Mainstage] What have we learned this past year? How can we use this knowledge and experience to craft thriving workplaces?
  • Alternate Power & Decision Making Models [Breakout session] There are different ways of structuring organizations in whole and in parts. We’ll explore ways to share power, decision making, and ownership.
  • Mental Health & Well-Being Amid a Global Pandemic [Breakout session] How can we and our organizations acknowledge and support the well-being of everyone as we continue to live and work through a global pandemic?
  • Employment Law & COVID [Breakout session] When it comes to providing a workplace free from COVID hazards, what’s required and what’s not? What’s legal and what’s not?
  • Intentionality & Environmental Impacts [Breakout session] This past year saw most work travel completely eliminated. How can we reopen in intentional ways that center our impact on the planet and each other?
  • Workplace Policies for Hybrid Org Arrangements [Breakout session] How do we create and maintain equitable policies and practices when our team works across differing onsite and remote arrangements?
  • New(ish) to Organizational Anti-Racism Work [Breakout session] Task forces, caucuses, book clubs, consultants? So many options. We’ll discuss different approaches to doing “the work” in our organizations.
  • Into The Future! [Closing Mainstage] What does it look like to co-create a future where everyone thrives? We’ll talk with people who are experimenting and iterating towards this future.

See you at the summit!

Tim Cynova is a leader, consultant, and educator dedicated to creating anti-racist workplaces by using people-centric organizational design. He is a certified Senior Professional in HR, trained mediator, principal at Work. Shouldn’t. Suck., teaches on faculty at New York’s The New School and Canada’s Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and also currently serves as a Co-CEO of Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit organization that helps artists with the business aspects of their work.