Disability Justice, Ableism, and Workplace Design

Resources to guide the co-creation of policies, practices, language, and initiatives

Tim Cynova
4 min readFeb 20, 2023

In Fall 2022, I had the pleasure of teaching a new course as part of Minneapolis College of Art & Design’s brand new Masters of Arts in Creative Leadership program. The course — “The Culturally Competent Leader & the Inclusive Workplace” — was designed to engage students with a variety of voices and perspectives focused on co-creating inclusive, values-centering workplaces.

One module that was particularly resonant with the group was when we explored Disability Justice, Ablelism, and Workplace Design. It perhaps felt so resonant given that many worked in organizations that were in the midst of rolling out “return to work” plans that, in some cases, felt like they were undermining the advances made over the pandemic to create more inclusive workplace policies and practices.

If you’re interested in exploring some of what we covered during that module, here is a sampling of those resources:

What other resources should be included on this list for future course iterations?

Tim Cynova is a leader, HR consultant, and educator dedicated to co-creating anti-racist and inclusive workplaces through using human-centered organizational design. He is a certified Senior Professional in HR, trained mediator, principal at Work Shouldn’t Suck, on faculty at New York’s The New School and Minneapolis College of Art & Design, and for the last twelve years served as COO & Co-CEO of the largest association of artists, creatives, and makers in the U.S.