Company Culture That Changes the World

Building a Shared Purpose Culture

Shared Employer

In shared employer culture, we all just happen to work for that same organization. We don’t feel particularly connected to the company, our coworkers, or what we do. We’re essentially playing on a golf team — individually we play our game and then add up our separate scores at the end of the day to see how the team performed. Shared employer culture doesn’t change the world.

Shared Identity

The next level up is Shared Identity culture. For the most part in shared identity, we like where we work, the people we work with, and the work we do. We run 5Ks together, go out for drinks, and share common interests like the same books, hobbies, and the latest binge watching obsession.

Shared purpose

Shared purpose culture is change-the-world level shit; for better or worse. In a shared purpose culture people are focused on, and aligned around, the organization’s vision. A vision that’s externally focused, outwardly directed, and therein lies the magic.

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