CEO Not (Necessarily) Required

An Early Look Into Fractured Atlas’s Shared Leadership Model


How did we get here again?

Why try this instead of launching a search for a new CEO?

What exactly is being shared?

Fractured Atlas Leadership Team 2018: Lauren Ruffin (top left), Tim Cynova (top right), Shawn Anderson (bottom left), Pallavi Sharma (bottom right)

How is the Leadership Team structured?

How often does the group meet and communicate?

How does the Leadership Team set strategy and create plans?

What if the Leadership Team deadlocks on a decision?

How is the Leadership Team evaluated?

What if a member of the Leadership Team needs to be reprimanded or terminated?

What happens when someone inevitably leaves the Leadership Team?

Who do Board members contact for questions, concerns, and to share their thoughts?

Risk aversion is a regret premium.

A fee paid to avoid regret.

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