A Company’s Duty of Care

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This year I’m keenly aware of when my birthday falls. Why you ask? Because, this year, my birthday coincides with the U.S. federal Election Day: November 3. It feels like I’m getting hourly reminders of just how few days remain between now and then. And as Election Day quickly approaches, companies who care about the health and safety of the people who work for them must spend time — especially if they’re not already — planning for November 4 and the months ahead.

We are already seeing an uptick in hate crimes across the country as Election Day approaches. By all indications November 4th won’t bring a clear answer of who will be declared the winner of this election. This uncertainty is going to lead to an increasingly challenging period for this country and those who live here as the weeks and months pass towards inauguration day on January 20. In advance of all of this, my fellow Fractured Atlas co-CEO Lauren Ruffin and I have been holding conversations with our colleagues at other organizations to exchange strategies, ideas, insights, and support around how our organizations are and can show up for staff in this environment. …


Tim Cynova

I’m a Co-CEO of Fractured Atlas https://www.fracturedatlas.org; Principal https://www.workshouldntsuck.co

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