A Company’s Duty of Care

This year I’m keenly aware of when my birthday falls. Why you ask? Because, this year, my birthday coincides with the U.S. federal Election Day: November 3. It feels like I’m getting hourly reminders of just how few days remain between now and then. …

The Fractured Atlas leadership team: Tim Cynova, Lauren Ruffin, Shawn Anderson, Pallavi Sharma

[This piece was co-written by Russell Willis Taylor, Chair of the Fractured Atlas Board, and Tim Cynova, Chief Operating Officer at Fractured Atlas]


How does a Board of Directors (re)craft its annual assessment of the CEO when that role is filled by a four-person, shared, non-hierarchical leadership team? This was…

Tim Cynova

Principal & Podcaster https://www.workshouldntsuck.co

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