Tuesday, April 27

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  • How can I maintain a sense of community, connection, and shared purpose as I manage different kinds of organizational cultures: fully onsite, fully remote, and a hybrid approach?
  • How can I employ and invent different organizing frameworks to share more power and equity in my organization’s decision making?
  • COVID-related employment law seems to change daily. What’s legal, and what’s…

35 years after my first stint in the news business I’m getting back into the game.

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A Company’s Duty of Care

Photo Credit: Edgar Chaparro

Questions, Tools, and Approaches to Consider

An Interview with its Designers

The Fractured Atlas leadership team: Tim Cynova, Lauren Ruffin, Shawn Anderson, Pallavi Sharma


Quick recap

Virtual Realities and a Fully Distributed Workplace

Long exposure image I captured after a productive day of writing in this former one-room school house.

Fractured Atlas “Fun” Fact

Tim Cynova

I’m a Co-CEO of Fractured Atlas https://www.fracturedatlas.org; Principal https://www.workshouldntsuck.co

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